Such was not the way things were

Stories about worlds that could be ours and people that could be us.

Each book is made by hand, signed, numbered, and unique.

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A soldier seeks refuge in the aftermath of a nuclear war. A psychotherapist uses a radical treatment to save a client.

The botanist and other stories
An old man waits while a baboon keeps him company. A neurologist works on a mysterious case. A beekeeper has a complex relationship with his swarm. Two researchers with a shared past collaborate on an experiment with octopuses. A priest battles with swarms of locusts. A young boy slows down his thoughts to the speed of plants.

Such was not the way things were and other stories
A lizard tells stories to a shrike. A woman studies asexual reproduction in octopuses, while her young boyfriend refuses to stay young forever. A woman uses technology to defeat a fatal disease. A life guard is on the night shift. A doctor does everything to help his patient, and gradually descends into a dark fairy tale.